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October 17th, 2020

Local Support Running Groups and Clubs

Would you like to spend some time running with other women while your train for the Me.She.We. Half Marathon or 10k? These local running groups are more than happy to have you join them. They have been separated by locations:

Resources to Help You Run.

We totally understand that the internet is a big place. So we've saved you the time and gathered a few of our favorite resources and shared them with you here. If you have any other questions, send us an email at or reach out to one of the running clubs and we will be happy to answer!

The Basics + Some. There are (literally) thousands of running theories out there. Runners World has put together a pretty great article that covers all you need to know regarding running. Do you think they left anything out?

Runner's World Running Overview


Half Marathon Training Plan. Save the countless number of Google search results when it comes to finding a plan to follow. Women's Running has a great one that is suitable for the majority of people. Check it out!

Women's Running Half Marathon Training Plan


Want Some Food Tips? Did you know that if you are going for a 30-45 minute run, grabbing a snack right before usually isn't necessary? But your pre-run and post-run foods are important! This helpful graphic keeps it simple:

Helpful Running Foods


Me.She.We. Women's Half Marathon

Wilsonville, Oregon

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