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Wilsonville, OR

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October 17th, 2020

Parking at DWFritz

By entering off Boeckman Road, parking attendants will guide you to the correct area to park. Parking is free and provides easy access to the Start/Finish area.


Directions to DWFritz

 Want to go old school and not use your GPS? Here are some written directions:  

From I-5 going Southbound:

 - Take exit 286 for Elligsen Road

 - Turn right on Elligen Road
 - Turn left SW 95th Ave
 - Turn right onto Boeckman

From I-5 going Northbound:

 - Take exit 283 toward Wilsonville

 - Turn left onto Wilsonville Rd. 

 - Turn right onto SW Boones Ferry Rd

 - Turn left toward Boeckman Rd



Me.She.We. Women's Half Marathon

Wilsonville, Oregon

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